August 25, 2014

Thankful :: August 2014

This summer is flying. I feel like I just sat down to write July's thankful post and here I am, writing a post for August. Part of me is ready to welcome in fall. Temperatures haven't dipped below 90 and it's unbelievably humid this week. Bring on the hoodies and boots, right? But we have one last summer adventure coming up this week, and then I'll definitely be ready for cool weather and pumpkin spice lattes (and I don't even like pumpkin spice lattes!). Make it a frap and I might be interested.

This month was one of those months I kind of wished away, and now that it's almost over I wish I hadn't done that. I counted down the days until we went out of town or until preschool started (I'm not going to win any mom awards for that one). I just love the routine of fall. But as quickly as it went, August gave us lots to be thankful for. 

Like zoo play dates with preschool friends and their mamas. Crosbi might have had the meltdown of all toddler meltdowns and I might have left the zoo in tears, but I'm thankful for moms who understand and text me later to tell me they have been there. 

Slow mornings to drink my coffee and to turn cereal into a lesson in counting.

Thrift store finds for this mama who doesn't typically like to hunt for clothes. I'm changing my ways!

Rainy days to give a new umbrella from Grandma a spin.

A little girl who is really showing her personality each day. 

For the first day of a new year at preschool. I couldn't love her preschool more. Crosbi's teachers are incredible and for not having family nearby, it feels as much like leaving her with family as it possibly could. I'm so thankful.


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  1. Love these posts Tara! And please don't feel bad for wanting routine. I do have fun in the summer, but I really thrive with predictability and so do my boys. It's just better for ALL of us. I'm dying over those thrift finds... especially the shoes and that striped dress! Adorable! But you Nash people have all the amazing thrift stores.