December 26, 2008

Heading Home for the Holidays

I have learned that packing for 12 days is not easy - especially when it's for Christmas. You can't pack Christmas presents, sweaters and winter coats into one suitcase. So on Christmas Eve, our living room looked like this:

After 8 hours in the car (the trip took longer because we got stuck in a rainstorm in Kentucky), we made it to Todd's grandparents for our first of 9 Christmas dinners. Being with Todd's family is never boring. This year everyone decided that when someone opened a gift, it was necessary to acknowledge the gift with Bon Jovi's signature "overhead clap!"

And to top it off, Todd's mom has had issues with bicyclists on the road, so his uncle Tyler got her this lovely gift:

After seeing these creative gifts, I can't tell you how happy I am that his family decided to furnish our bedroom for Christmas. We will definitely be swinging by the Pottery Barn outlet in Memphis on our way home!

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