December 28, 2008

We Need More Pictures!

I'm showing Dad pictures of our house because he hasn't seen it since the week we moved in and I want to show him my interior design skills. Unfortunately he says our house looks like a spec home. I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not. I mean, I do love walking into spec homes, but the thing about a spec home is that they're not supposed to look like anyone lives there. That's not what I want our home to be. I want someone to know that they are in "Todd and Tara's" home and to feel comfortable and welcome. So I got to thinking. Todd and I don't have many pictures of ourselves or our families anywhere, and since we're swinging by the Pottery Barn outlet on our way home, I'm giving myself a little project. To find (inexpensive) frames and get more pictures on the wall of the people we love. No more spec home for this girl!

A picture of our living room now.

A picture of a living room with lots of great pictures - courtesy of Pottery Barn.

1 comment

  1. For the record, your lovely home is already absolutely comfortable and welcoming.

    That said, I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures of you and Todd and your loved ones up on the walls!