December 31, 2008

Grandma Baker

Todd and I had 9 homes to visit/Christmas parties to attend while in Missouri and we finished number 9 yesterday. If you know anything about my family, it's dysfunctional at best. Number 9 was at my ex-step dad's. Yes, that's what I said. My mom married Steve when I was 7 and they got divorced right after I turned 22, so he was a big part of my life although we never really got along until he divorced my mom.

His family on the other hand is amazing. His parents were the closest thing to real grandparents I could have asked for. His mom and dad taught me so much and watching them live out their lives strengthened my faith. There is such a special place in my heart for Steve's mom. She's just amazing. She may not be my grandmother by blood, but she adopted me into her family even after I technically wasn't her family anymore. If you want to see someone live and love like Jesus, meet my grandma - Maxine Baker.

Me and Grandma Baker - Christmas '08

Happy New Year! Hope you spend the holiday with the friends and family you love. :)

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  1. What a precious tribute to an obviously incredible lady.