April 20, 2010

Quite the Collection

I don't collect things.

I take that back. In the past, I never collected anything. I am as anti-clutter as they come, and collections are the antithesis of neat and tidy.

But I have changed my way of thinking. I now have a collection. It's small, but I still call it a collection and I'm willing to make room for many, many more.

Aprons. Had you asked me when I was younger if I would ever collect aprons, I would have said you're out of your mind. I always enjoyed cooking, but aprons made me feel old and frumpy. Now I can't get enough of them. Especially aprons that have special meaning to me.

1. My very first apron. My Aunt Terry made this apron for me when Todd and I hosted our first Thanksgiving dinner in Nashville. My mom and sister flew in from North Carolina and my grandmother flew in from Denver. It was a holiday I will never forget. All of us cramped into our small townhouse, trying to prepare a huge Thanksgiving day feast. It was the first holiday Todd and I spent away from Missouri and we felt so grown-up.

2. One of my dearest friends, Allison, made apron number two as a gift for my 26th birthday. She is so crafty and a pro with a sewing machine. I was thrilled to have an "Allison Original." Her special gift to me was given at just the right time. A few weeks later my family flew out again for yet another Tennessee Thanksgiving. This time we were in our house and I loved hosting a holiday dinner in our new home.

3.  Todd's mom has caught on to my love for aprons and this past Christmas she got me a fabulous apron - it looks like it came right out of Anthropologie. I love it. I can cook and be stylish at the same time. Can't beat that!

4. The latest addition to my collection is another handmade apron from another dear friend. Suz made these aprons as bridesmaid gifts and I just love it. The fabric was used to decorate her reception hall and now I have a physical reminder of her special day. She surprised us all with her handiwork. It's great to have such crafty friends. They definitely inspire me.

I look forward to the day that I share these aprons with my child and tell him or her the story of where they each came from. And yes, if I am lucky enough to have a boy, he will know his way around the kitchen!


In other news, today I received my first gold record. Plaques and awards are a big deal in the music industry and I have secretly always wanted my own record to hang on the wall. I remember when I was an intern, walking the gold and platinum adorned halls of the company I now work for, and thinking, "One day, I will have one of those with my name on it." Today was that day. I'm so thankful to work for such a great company and to partner in ministry with one of the most genuine artists in Christian music, Casting Crowns. I'm beyond blessed.

Speaking of collections, I wouldn't mind adding a few more of these to the wall!


  1. So cool! I have an apron collection too :) So fun that you can decide which one you want to wear each time. I LOVE the one from Suz, that was so sweet of her to make those for us! And congrats on the Gold Record!

  2. i love that you have a story for each. what an heirloom. and i love Suz's specifically b/c like you said, what a great gift to not only remember the day but it's ALSO practical! I was just having a conversation this past wknd with someone about bridesmaid/groomsmen gifts and how sometimes it can be quite the challanging thing... especially for someone like me who is all about practical gifts. What a great idea!

    oh and as for boys and the kitchen, my hubby is definitely the chef in our house and i'm so grateful! maybe you just need one sort of masculine apron in your collection just in case ;-) - ash


    You helped some incredible musicians reach Gold Record status. Wow. You are officially the coolest person I know.

    AND you have an adorable apron collection.

    You win at life.

  4. I think aprons are incredibly adorable as well. Although I am sad to report I have none. For all the baking I do, this is unacceptable!

    I so enjoy your blog Tara! Keep 'em coming!