October 11, 2010

Weekend In Pictures

Todd's family spent the weekend with us. The weather was perfect, the food was incredible and the time spent together was priceless.

*Todd's mom bought me a mini bundt pan. We made mini apple bundt cakes with a crunchy pecan topping. My new pan will come in handy for an awesome event I'm attending on November 19th (details to come).
*We introduced Todd's family to Fido. I think it might be my all-time favorite restaurant in Nashville. 
*We spent the rest of the weekend shopping, watching football and laughing at this guy (the actual news clip can be found here). So funny.

Have I mentioned how much we love having family visit?

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  1. Fido?? I'm pretty sure you're going to have to take me there next time I'm in town. Robin took us to http://www.burger-up.com/story.html
    when we were there. Have you been there? It was pretty cool!