April 12, 2012

Crosbi: 4 Months

I love being a mom. I absolutely love it. While those words are easy to say for most, they're a big deal for me. I wasn't always sure motherhood was for me. I remember teasing my friends in high school in our "career opportunities" class that I was going to bring home so much more money than they would. Why? In our lesson on budgeting I had listed 0 children. Zero. I just didn't see myself having babies.

Fast forward fifteen years and here I am, an almost stay-at-home mom, loving every second of it. I've been a bit emotional lately as I think about how much Crosbi has grown. I'm often wiping away tears as Todd and I put her to bed. Some nights I could stay up all night holding her. Each day with her is the best day. Even days when she refuses to nap, spits up all over both of us right as we are walking out the door, has a diaper blowout so bad that I'm washing poo out of not just her clothes, but mine too, are the very best days. I wouldn't trade this season in my life for anything in the world.

My sweet four month old gets more beautiful everyday. She is feisty, that one. I have a feeling she's going to keep me on my toes!

  • Weighing in at 16 pounds, 14.5 ounces and 26 inches long. "She's a whopper!" as my grandma says.
  • She's really great at grabbing things. She'll grab just about anything you place in front of her now.  Those things immediately go into her mouth.
  • She's *this* close to sitting up on her own. She's still a little wobbly, and leans a bit too far forward, but I think she'll be sitting soon.
  • Sleeping a fairly consistent 10 hours each night. We're still swaddling her. I'm nervous to start weaning her, but we need to do it sooner than later. Sigh.
  • Like her father and I, Crosbi is going to love listening to people tell stories. She is really interested in hearing people talk. I took her to a meeting at work this week, and she sat as still as could be on my lap, watching each person talk as if she was following right along.  

This past weekend we celebrated Crosbi's first Easter. Sunday morning I explained to her the importance of the Easter weekend. As we got ready for the day, we listened to Christ Is Risen and Glorious Day. I look forward to the day when Crosbi understands just how special Easter is and can say to me, "He is risen!"


  1. She is SO DARLING! Those eyes could melt your heart!

  2. It's so true when they say that the days are long but the years are short. She is so precious! And I think you have a few more months to swaddle still left! I'd keep those hours at night as LONG as you can!