June 11, 2013


If you happen to follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know it has been a tough week in our house. This past Saturday while climbing and jumping on the couch, Crosbi took a dive over the back and landed on her left arm. She's teething and had been a little grumpy to begin with, so we weren't too concerned about her injury. We put her to bed and decided to keep an eye on it the next day.

The next morning Crosbi woke up in a fairly good mood, but wasn't putting any weight on her arm and was barely using her hand. From her mood alone we agreed it probably wasn't a major issue, and continued to watch her. By Monday she was using her arm even less, going out of her way to use her right hand for everything. Todd and I both knew it wasn't just a sprain or a bruise. I took Crosbi to urgent care on Monday afternoon where it was confirmed that she had broken her wrist in two places. I felt so awful for not taking her in sooner.

My girl is such a trooper. So much braver than me. I would have cried and complained the whole time, but she only got upset during her X-rays and just sat back and watched as her little hot pink cast was put on. I officially took my name off the Mom of the Year ballot. Having a toddler is tough! I love that she's fearless. I don't want her to be a constant worrier like me, but c'mon kid! I've never even had a sprain, so the experience was all new to me. 

I've posted many times that having Crosbi has made me brave, but a toddler with a cast wouldn't have been my first choice in toughening up. I have a feeling I'm in for a wild ride with my girl. I just hope it doesn't include too many trips to the ER. Sheesh!

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  1. Kids are so resilient - how would you have known? Don't be hard on yourself - you're an awesome mom :) It's so hard to let go and know we can't control our kids all the time - so hard for me :(