February 19, 2014

Family Photo Album :: Artifact Uprising

I sold my "big girl" camera. I had saved for a dSLR for months and months, purchased it before Crosbi was born, eager to master my photography skills. I read a few articles online, learned the basics of ISO and aperture, but in the end, I just didn't have time to commit. There is so much more to using it than pointing and clicking. If you're going to use a fancy camera, you need to also learn photoshop and be a pro at editing. Not only could I not find the time, I didn't have the budget. So I sold it. It was the greatest thing to happen to my husband - he got a new kayak out of the deal. Marriage really is all about compromises, isn't it?

Now I rely completely on my iPhone and I am more than okay with that. I love the ease of it and I have it with me at all times. I rarely miss a moment. Plus with all the amazing editing apps that are available, it's easy to fake being a pro. My favorites are PicTapGo and VSCO. I could rave about them all day.

As I was making our family album this year, I realized nearly all of my photos were taken on my phone, which totally sealed the deal in selling my big camera. Using my phone for all my photos also led me to the coolest company around: Artifact Uprising. They even have an app where you can turn your photos into books in minutes. All from your phone. Genius!

I ordered one of their Wood Clipboard Calendars as a gift for Todd's mom, so I knew I liked their products, but I was still giddy when our photo book arrived. 

While I have to be careful not to cross the line of being on my phone too much with a little one around, I'm loving technology these days. So glad the little device that I carry in my purse has helped to create memories we'll look back on for years and years. 

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