February 1, 2014

Red Oak (formerly Red Lark)

Just a few miles from our home is the cutest little coffee shop which was once called the Red Lark, but we were informed as we walked in that it is now the Red Oak. Either way, its small town charm and iced chai lattes keep me coming back. 

Todd had never been, so this morning we decided to experience it as a family. That was after Crosbi slept until 9 (say whaaaaaat?!). We had reason to celebrate.

I ordered the breakfast quesadilla and iced chai of course. Todd and Crosbi both had the croissants - his with eggs and bacon, hers with peanut butter and bananas. We'll always jump at the chance to support our local businesses - especially when they're as cute as the Red Oak.

Coloring. Always coloring. 

Happy weekend!

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