February 11, 2014

Real Life :: Valentines Edition

While Crosbi sat at the table coloring, I pulled out the supplies to make Valentines for her preschool classmates. She looked up, saw right away I was using stickers and asked, "I help you?" 

That also happens to be the exact phrase she uses when she wants me to help her. She's the cutest. 

My immediate thought was to tell her to keep coloring and that I would quickly finish her Valentines. Having her help meant they wouldn't look the way I wanted them to, and the process would take much longer. The perfectionist in me was hesitant, but the mom in me gladly accepted her help. I'm learning each day that while it might be easier for me to do things on my own, having Crosbi try new things is so much fun for both of us. I love how she's shaking things up around here, breaking us of the habits that need breaking.

The house is a mess, she's wearing the blackberries she had for breakfast on her face, and her nose is runny. But this is my real life. 

I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

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