March 11, 2014

Full House

This past weekend we were thrilled to have family visit. My dad, step-mom, little brother and sister chose to make our house their spring break destination and we feel pretty lucky that of all the places they could go, they chose to spend their vacation with us.

The weather was perfect. Lots of sun and warm temps gave us lots of opportunity to be outside. We celebrated both my sister and my step-mom's upcoming birthdays. We really had a great weekend and it was tough to see them leave. Now that Crosbi is older and fully understands who her family is, it makes visits from family bittersweet. When we said our goodbyes this morning, Crosbi held on to me and put her head down. As they drove away she said to me, "I so sad." Sweet girl. Thankfully Easter is just around the corner and we'll see them all again soon. 

Todd's family will arrive on Thursday and the fun begins all over again. Yay for spring break!


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