March 27, 2014

DIY :: Polka Dot Shoes

Buying shoes for a toddler might go on my list of of least favorite things to do. I "invested" in two "nice" pairs of shoes for Crosbi. Sadly, neither fit. Luckily she'll grow into them, but for now they sit in her closet because they fall off her feet when she walks.

I refuse to purchase more "nice" shoes in a smaller size because her toe is just at the edge. She'd wear them for a couple months if we're lucky. 

So what is a desperate mama to do? She heads to her closest Walmart to find some cheap shoes that fit until her daughter grows into the others.

Only problem? I didn't like any of the girls' shoes at Walmart! But instead of walking out frustrated, I took a pair that I actually really liked, that just happened to be in the boys section, and painted polka dots on them. Shoes for $5 that look cute and can be tossed when they don't fit in 3 weeks? I call that a win!


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