March 4, 2014

Art On A Budget

I've said it before, I love using fun apps to edit photos on my iPhone and Waterlogue is my new obsession. It turns your photos into watercolor paintings that you can share on social media, or in my case, enlarge and print to make new art for your bathroom when it needs an update and you're on a tight budget.

I used this original photo from our trip to Captiva, Florida last summer:

Then using Waterlogue, I turned it into this:

Eek! I just loved the way it turned out. 

Then, using my go-to site for printing pictures (Mpix), I had the photo enlarged to 11x14 and framed it in an oversized frame and hung it in our master bathroom.

VoilĂ ! There you have it.

Because I love playing on the app so much, here are a few more fun photos:

If you're family or a close friend, I'm warning you now that your very own Waterlogue print might make an appearance as a birthday or Christmas gift from me!

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