June 17, 2014

Weekend Getaway :: Chattanooga

Since we've postponed a big beach vacation until next year, we're calling this summer the "summer of the weekend getaway." Living in Nashville really gives us the luxury of making lots of fun weekend trips, so we're doing our best to take advantage of the many fun places within driving distance.

This past weekend we snuck away to Chattanooga to celebrate Father's Day. I definitely dropped the ball this year. I forgot to buy Todd a card, let alone a gift, but I think a weekend away filled with good food and baseball made up for my lack of planning.

Chattanooga is such a fun place to escape for a few days. At one point I told Todd that I thought I could live there if given the opportunity. For now I'll take the occasional road trip.

So much good food. 

Our first stop was Taqueria Jalisco. It's a food truck turned restaurant and super yummy. Authentic Mexican with fun soda options. My hibiscus lemon soda hit the spot, and a homemade tamale? Yes, please. 

We grabbed dinner in Coolidge Park, my new favorite area of Chattanooga. Such a fun vibe, everyone is out and about, lots of great restaurants and fun things to do. We had an incredible dinner at Brewhaus. One of the best deviled eggs I have ever had and Todd's meal was divine. Next time I won't get a salad, because the entrees are fabulous. Crosbi and I explored on our own for a little while and walked down to the carousel. A splash pad was nearby, but no water spraying this time. We'll have to go back to play for sure. 

Brunch at The Flying Squirrel the next day reaffirmed my love for good food. When I grow up I'm going to be one of those people who are paid to try new restaurants. I'll definitely add The Flying Squirrel to my list. Sweet potato hash, shrimp and grits. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

We wrapped up our trip with a vintage baseball game. Our good friend Josh is playing for the Nashville team and the game was one of the coolest I've seen. From the uniforms to the scoreboard, they stick to every detail of the 1800s era they're trying to replicate. I'm hoping Todd will play next year. 

More fun plans are ahead soon. June is already treating us so much better than May did. 


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  1. My friend just got married in Nashville. It was a great trip. Next time you're there you have to go to Pinewood Social. I loved it.