January 6, 2009

Love Was In The Air

Todd and I are back in Nashville and have finally caught up on sleep. We literally went non-stop the entire time we were in Ozark. When I got back to work and told co-workers about our trip and how busy we were, they told me that the next time we shouldn't tell people we are in town. That sounds good in theory, but I could never do that. Our families get so excited when we visit and go to extreme measures to spend time with us. Todd and I are treated like kings and queens - but that is not what we go home for. I could never not tell my grandparents I was visiting. Or my cousins or anyone else in my family. They just mean too much to us. I cried when I drove away from my parents house. I haven't been so sad to leave Ozark in a long time. We have already made plans to go back. March 12-15. Can't wait!
We ended our vacation in wedding craziness. My best friend from high school, Mary, got married on January 2nd. I have never seen a more beautiful bride. She was beaming. So pure and beautiful. God absolutely had His hand on every detail of that wedding. Two wonderful people so in love with each other and their Savior. I gave up holding back the tears during rehearsal dinner! I love weddings. When I hear the vows, I'm secretely repeating those vows again to my husband. I never want to forget the vows I made. Love is such an amazing thing.

Now it's back to life as normal, but Todd and I are so thankful for the 12 days we had back home. We made lots of great memories and are anxiously waiting to see our friends and family from Missouri again very soon.

Mary, the beautiful bride.

Andrea, me, Mary & Ashley - My best friends from high school.

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  1. A Few Things I Love About You And This Post:

    1. How sweetly and completely you love your family.

    2. That every time you attend a wedding you secretly and silently repeat the vows to Todd. You're amazing.

    3. That you've already planned a return visit.

    4. I just really like you.