October 8, 2009

Big Apple

My family is visiting - my grandpa and my sister were supposed to come together, but my sister ended up not making it. My grandpa brought a surprise gift instead that I will blog about soon. It's a surprise to my mom as well, so my lips are sealed until it's revealed to her too. I'll say this, it is probably a once in a lifetime gift. But more on that later!

I took some time to sort through the dozens of photos Todd and I took in New York and I'm ready to share them with the world. I won't bore you with too many. Just a few fun ones.


We stayed at the beautiful New York Palace Hotel. I don't watch Gossip Girl, but apparently some of the characters "live" in this hotel and they actually shoot scenes for the show in the penthouse. Not too shabby!

After checking into our hotel we hit the town. First stop: Dean & Deluca for coffee and iced chai.


Our hotel was only a block from Rockefeller Center. I think if I were to go back I would love to stay in Greenwich Village or near Central Park, but for first time visitors, being near Rockefeller Center was very convenient.


We tried to see everything in the short time we were in the city.

Times Square:




Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village:


Ed Sullivan Theater:


Cafe Lalo (a great recommendation from my great friend Suz):


And one of my favorites (I say this sarcastically), the Statue of Liberty:


Do you see it? Didn't think so. We got up the nerve to ask someone to take a picture of the two of us. In front of the Statue of Liberty. I don't know about you, but if someone asked me to take a picture of them in front of the Statue of Liberty, I would assume they would want it in the picture as well. I guess I should have been more clear. The famous statue is behind my head. Yep.

At least we have this one!


That's our New York trip in a nutshell. We really had a great time. I would recommend visiting to anyone.

Just a tip - don't ask a local on the subway how to get to the Eiffel Tower (even when you really mean the Empire State Building). They might think you're crazy. I know. It happened to me! :)


  1. I love NYC so much! Its like Im living vicariously thru you!

  2. I love NYC. I went to school near there and that's where we'd go on weekends. There is a great Deli on the Upper West side (near where Lennon was shot, cannot remember the name)and when my BF and I walked out, I got pooped on by a pigeon. Not my finest moment...

    I'm glad you had fun, I hope you had a good birthday!!!

  3. You're adorable. I love hearing about your fun trips - and this definitely seemed like one of the most fun.

    You look so pretty in all your pictures. I say less Lady Liberty, more Tara Stepp anyway.

    I'm on pins and needles - can't wait to hear what your surprise from Grandpa was...

  4. The Eiffel Tower?! Really!? :) Oh Tara. :) And I LOVE your hotel room! Total trumps ours at the Paramount in a million ways! Wasn't Dean and Deluca so good? That was one bonus to our hotel - there was one next door! So glad you guys had a great time! - Ash

  5. Love the pictures, Tara!!! So fun. Can't wait to go together sometime!!