October 27, 2009

Follow the Leader

To be honest, I'm not the most creative person. I am definitely a left-brain thinker. Give me a big idea and I'll break it down into small parts to make it easier to accomplish. I am a list maker and my checkbook is always balanced to the penny. I sound like fun, huh?

Because of my lack of creativity, I tend to follow the creative ideas of others. Surely I'm not the only one like this. It's people like me who keep companies like Pottery Barn and J. Crew in business. Show me a great look in a catalog and I'm sold. Except that I often take the general idea and try to replicate it at a lower cost. That takes creativity, right?

Maybe not.

Below are a few things/ideas/people I have been following lately:

1. I was over at my friend Allison's for dinner recently and she showed me the cutest dishes she picked up at the dollar store. Yes, the dollar store!! She had four in green. I am now the proud owner of four in blue. I can't wait to make individual servings of mac & cheese or pizookie.

2. I get nearly all of my recipes from other people. You will rarely find me "throwing something together." I made what I thought was a really good recipe from The Pioneer Woman. Todd didn't seem to think so. I have learned he's not such a fan of squash (I think it's the texture). But thanks to PW, I bought and baked my very first acorn squash!

Photo from The Pioneer Woman

3. I'm currently working on our guest bedroom. I'm hoping to be done by the end of the year. While I've been pretty good at coming up with the look myself, I needed some help on one of the bare walls. I decided to fill it with picture frames in a pattern similar to what I found in Lonny.

I'm aware that I need to use the right side of my brain more. I tell myself that I use every ounce of my creativity daily. I'm required to be creative at work, and let me tell you, it can be tough. The right side of my brain is filled with music and ideas about music, but visually I often look to others for inspiration.

So now I'm curious. Where do you get your ideas? Who do you go to when you need help getting your creative juices flowing?


  1. You are so cute. And totally creative and fun - silly girl!

    LOVE those little dishes. May have to copy you and Allison.

    LOVE the look of that squash. I'll come try it and rave, if you're needing some affirmation.

    And I LOVE your guest room and all that you've already done with it. Can't wait to see what you do with the walls - it's gonna look incredible.

    So I'll tell you my decorating secret inspiration: I let Josh do it all. He's so creative and has such a great artistic eye. As for me, I just go with whatever I see that I like! I tell myself I'm eclectic.

    I'm also very wordy. Whew.

    [Sorry about the exhaustingly long comment. Oops.]

  2. I am very similar to you! My sister always pulls these amazing ideas out of the air! And I always say that I could balance your check book! But I'm going to try to be more creative! Love the idea from Lonny and PW recipes are great arent they? try the onion straws... so good!

  3. It's fun to hear another perspective! For me, I feel like my head is bombarded with so many things that I just don't do any of them :) I feel like everything is always a work in progress because I always want to add something. And then the curse for creative folks like us is that once you do it just the way you want it, you immediately want to change it into something totally different :)

  4. At least you admit it... I'm not creative and totally steal other people's ideas, and I *usually* try to not give them the credit ;)

    I'm soooooo not crafty and people always invite me to these huge crafting partyies. I just usually show up and make the snacks.

    My husband will be in Nashville by Sunday. He is staying with his parents until we sell the house and then I will come out there. we are getting an apt. until we decided where we want to buy a house. There's some pressure to live in Lebanon too, but we'll see..... I'm so excited though!!!!

  5. girl, the fact that you take someone's idea (like a mag photo) and turn it into your own rather than completely duplicating it means YOU ARE CREATIVE!

    But i do understand what you mean. I'm the exact. same. way. i so wish i had more of it in me, but i don't. i'm a total left brainer. i, too, get ideas from pottery barn and other places like better homes and garden emails. :) oh and lots and lots of hgtv. but i've found, too, as i exercise my right side (sewing curtains, having someone walk me through how to paint a picture, trying to come up w/ a bass line that isn't the typical chord changes on a chord chart) that i'm slowly starting to become more creative. so i'm sure that'll be the same for you. you exercise it enough at work, decorating your home, and cooking! :) - ash

  6. Don't you love The Pioneer Woman? She makes everything appear super easy...inspiring for sure. Also, the Dollar Store is one of my top 5 stores to find cool stuff for super a CHEAP price :)