October 11, 2009

Mother Knows Best

Todd and I traveled deep into the Tennessee mountains for a family reunion this weekend. We had such a great time. The leaves are just beginning to change, which made for a beautiful drive. The reunion took place in the cutest little town and I got the chance to see family I haven't seen in decades. Who would have thought family reunions could be so fun? We took lots of pictures, but right now they are all on Todd's iPhone and he is with the boys tailgating before the Titans game. I'll have those photos (and an update on the surprise from my grandpa) later this week.

After the reunion, my mom handed me a bag with another birthday gift. I love it. It's a cookbook written by Sara Foster of Foster's Market in Durham, North Carolina, titled Fresh Every Day - More Great Recipes from Foster's Market. I would make the trip to Durham just to go to Foster's. It's that good! Last time I visited I hinted that I would love one of Sara's cookbooks and lucky for me, my mom didn't forget that little hint! Isn't it great how mothers always pay attention to the little things you say? I probably wouldn't have bought this book on my own, even though I really wanted it. I guess you could say my mom knows me well.


It's full of great photos, which are the best part of the book if you ask me!


I think this recipe might be first on my list: Chunky Chicken Vegetable Minestrone. Yum!


I'll let you know how it turns out!


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the reunion. I just LOVE cookbooks.... LOVE! There are very few things I have multiples of but I do love cookbooks and candles galore.

  2. So lovely.

    And delicious-looking.

  3. The book looks great! Chunky Chicken Vegetable Minestrone sunds good good good!