December 9, 2009

I'm Back...Sort Of

Can anyone tell me where November went? It has been a little crazy in the Stepp house. I've been meaning to blog, to record the things that have happened in our lives, (because regardless of if anyone reads this silly blog, I like to scroll through old posts to relive past memories), but life got in the way. I know I'm not the only one feeling this way. Fall came and went and I didn't even realize it was visiting. Here's to hoping things slow down soon!

Since the last time I've "really" written, I visited California.

One of the largest radio stations/networks I work with is in Sacramento, so I spent the day there meeting with some of the best promotions directors in Christian music. The next day I took a quick flight down to LA where Tenth Avenue North was performing. I only got a glimpse of the ocean, but it was great to see the sun (and palm trees), especially since I would be returning to a cold, rainy day in Nashville.

Right before I left, Todd worked very hard to put our Christmas lights up. Unfortunately he's a bit afraid of heights, so he asked our good friend Jeff to help.

Look at him. He's not so sure about the "climbing on the roof" business. He decides to supervise instead. (Sorry about the glare - it was sunny and our camera is awful)

We're so thankful for Jeff for getting our house ready for the holidays! Unfortunately we had some technical difficulties and couldn't get the power outlet situation figured out, so I left for California before I could see our home all aglow. My sweet husband worked hard while I was gone and sent me this picture via text:

I love pulling into our driveway and seeing the Christmas lights lit up. I wish we could keep them on all year!

The same week I got home from my 3-day trip to California, the greatest thing happened. One of my best friends got engaged!! Suz is now officially the soon-to-be Mrs. Matt Manes. I'm so happy for her I could burst!


In other news, the Pioneer Woman visited Nashville last night. My good friend Renee and I went to her book signing in hopes of meeting Ree herself. But when we arrived we found out we were in the last group and it would be several hours before we made our way to her table. I've never been the "super-fan" type. I think PW is wonderful, but we weren't about to wait in line all night. Thankfully we met the sweetest ladies who just happened to be first in line. They graciously took our books to have them signed. The lady in the black & white shirt was one of the ladies who helped us out. PW might just be signing my book in the picture!

I'd say PW has some fans in Nashville. It was a bummer to not get to meet her, but it was still a fun girls' night out.

I'm home for awhile, but not less busy. Now we're gearing up for crazy work schedules, Christmas parties and another trip back to Missouri. I don't think you will hear the words "I'm bored" come out of my mouth for a very long time.


  1. Your house is cute...I need to see what turned the inside into.

    Sorry you didn't get to meet PW...but hey, you got here autograph! You can flaunt that baby around town!

    When you come back to Ozark and go to JRA, you and Todd should come up to The Loft and say hi (free starbucks and home made bread!!). Just a thought.

  2. You're so adorable - I love all your pictures and everything you wrote. You've done a splendid job keeping track of this whirlwind season.

    [For the record, I'm definitely a PW fan - but a much bigger Tara Stepp fan. I love you & your blog.]

  3. Your house looks amazing in all those lights! I can't wait to see it in person. :-)

    And thanks for being so excited for me and for being there last week!!! :-) I still can't stop smiling thinking about it all. :-)