June 27, 2010

Catalog Comedy

I've been told more than once by family members that I can't "live in a magazine." Although it would be nice to have my home look like a magazine, I know it's far from realistic. It's just so easy to flip through catalogs and get swept away by their incredible staging skills and think, "I want my life to look like that."

But really, who lives like that?

The new blog Catalog Living is perfect for pointing out the over-the-top designs in some of the most famous catalogs - and the author's captions are hysterical. I was reading last night and laughed so hard I started crying.

What a great reminder to not take ourselves (or our home decor) too seriously!

Images courtesy of Catalog Living via Young House Love


  1. Oh my gosh, HILARIOUS! I'm bookmarking this one! Did you see the one on their website about the q-tips? Haha!

  2. so glad you stopped by..gave me a chance to "meet" you!

    looking forward to following your blog!