April 6, 2014

Thankful :: March 2014 Edition

It's definitely a full week into April, but better late than never for a "thankful" post. I find myself looking at these posts often - when I'm putting Crosbi to bed or needing a little cheering up during the day. I really do have so much to be thankful for.

In March I was reminded to be thankful for joy in the little things. Crosbi plays with a jar of decorative rocks in my room and one morning she ran into my bathroom while I was getting ready to show me she found a rock with a "happy face." I love seeing life through the eyes of a toddler.

I'm thankful for jumps on the bed before bedtime.

For scooter rides on sunny days at the park.

For a little girl who humors her mama by smiling for pictures.

For my little chef who adds spice to everything.

For dresses and denim jackets. Dressing a little girl is the best.

For the best shopping buddy a girl could ask for.

For rainy days and fort making.

For creeks and rocks to throw in them.

For a girl growing so healthy and big that she no longer needs a crib. This was one of her last nights before her "big girl" bed.

For my little foodie who will eat just about anything.

For paint that entertains when I need to get a little work done. 

For my girl's wild imagination. She was pretending the top of her old pack n play was a boat. Looks like a boat to me!

For tire swing rides and giggles.

For messy rooms and super heroes. Captain Underpants I presume?

For a family I love to the moon and back.

Another great month in the books. My heart is so full.


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