April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend

We are in full fledged potty-training mode in our home. To be honest, Crosbi should be completely trained at this point, but I've been lazy. It's partly that I don't want my baby to no longer be a baby, but it's also that cleaning pee out of the carpet isn't a favorite past-time of mine. Regardless, we're jumping in head first and once again I'm reminded that my little girl won't always be little.

To take my mind off of that thought, how about some photos from this past weekend? We made the trip to Missouri to visit family for Easter. We couldn't have asked for better weather. It was beautiful. We spent nearly every waking hour outside. She might have been born in Tennessee, but my Crosbi has the Ozarks in her. She was barefoot most of the weekend, threw rocks in the creek, rode four wheelers, skinned her knees. Typical farm living. It's so much fun seeing her enjoy the places where Todd and I grew up as much as we did. In some ways it's like reliving our childhoods all over again.

Happy Easter! 

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