April 10, 2014

Double the Fun

Last week one of my best friends had twins. Twins! I can't even wrap my head around that. I still think having one is a full-time job. We decided to make a fun day out of visiting the new babies. We'll take any excuse to be tourists in our own town.

On Saturday we headed straight to the hospital anxious to see our new friends. Crosbi proudly kept telling us we were going to see "two babies!" Even she realized twins are not something you see everyday.

Later we tried a new place for breakfast. Although I wasn't a fan of their iced chai, the Breakfast BLT at Dose is pretty awesome.

It was too nice out to just go home, so we hit the park. Nashville seriously has the best parks.

Such a fun day. Can every Saturday be like this? Although I don't know if it's realistic for our friends to have twins every week. We'll settle for great weather and good food. 


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