April 12, 2014

Today Was A Gift

Being a mom is hard. Some days are really challenging. Some days you think you're doing everything right, then your child hits you at the park, throws her shoes at you while you're driving, then later throws all her food off the table when you serve something she's not into. Some days you count down the minutes until nap time. You need a break. If even for just a few minutes, a break to compose yourself and ask God for His help to face the rest of the day. Sometimes He doesn't turn that day around and you go to bed exhausted, thanking Him anyway for a healthy, beautiful little girl to call yours, even when you were *this* close to pulling your hair out.

But sometimes being a mom is the most incredible gift imaginable. Sometimes you get up early and pack a sack lunch and take your girl to the zoo and have the very best day. You listen as your girl says "thank you mommy" for taking her to the zoo. You watch her use her best manners and laugh so hard she can barely catch her breath. You sit beside her at an animal show and she gives you hugs and kisses because she's having such a fun time. You try so hard not to cry because you're just so overwhelmed by the beauty of it all. Today was one of those days. Days like today make the hard days completely fade away. Days like today make it all worth it. 

I know when I write this little blog that these words could stay in cyberspace forever. I kinda hope they do.

Crosbi, should you ever read this, I'm being honest when I say the days are sometimes hard. You'll probably feel the same about me in a few years. But even the hardest days are beautiful. They shape me and challenge me and I think it's the coolest thing ever that such a tiny little person could impact my life the way you do. It makes me so excited to see how you will continue to impact the world around you. 

Today was a gift. You, my girl, are a gift. I'm so thankful. 


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  1. Yes yes yes, to all of this. Thank you for saying it! I've had both of those types of days. Rejoicing with you in both the hard and the beautiful. PS. I'm so behind on blog reading!!!