April 26, 2014

Thankful :: April 2014 Edition

If I could bottle up the weather we've had in April, I would. After what felt like the longest winter ever, the sunshine and 75 degree days are more than making up for it. Honestly I could just stop there for this thankful post.

But then I wouldn't have pictures of my best girl, so I'll keep going. 

This month has brought us many things to be thankful for. We had a wonderful time with family over Easter, but we also enjoyed hanging out around our house too.

Did I mention I'm thankful for this weather? Maybe not the allergies that have come with it, but definitely thankful for being back outside. I'm thankful for days to run in the park and swing upside down.

For best buddies who like to explore and eat ice cream together.

For a little girl that still smiles for the camera when I ask (or bribe). 

For Easter and the fun traditions that come with it.

For zoo dates with new friends. Crosbi has made some great friends at preschool and lucky for me, her friends' moms are pretty cool too.

Today we're planning to spend all day outside. We've got some spring cleaning to do and we might even plant an herb garden and build a fire pit. S'mores, anyone?

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Love the running across the bridge pic especially :)