January 24, 2009

Barbara's Homecookin'

Last night Todd and I decided we were long overdue for a date night. I can't remember our last date night - long before Christmas I know for sure. We are both huge fans of local mom & pop restaurants and I was thrilled to come across Barbara's Homecookin' on a local food critic's site. As soon as I saw the pictures I knew we would love this place. I picked Todd up and told him I was taking him somewhere new. The look on his face when we pulled into the parking lot was priceless! The food was amazing - I felt like I had stepped back into a small town in Missouri. It felt like home. The food was great. It's not at all good for you, so I don't recommend it to those on a diet, but if you're wanting to splurge on some greasy food, look no farther than Barbara's Homecookin' in Franklin, Tennessee!

Above photos courtesy of Donna / The Franklin Fun Times Guide

I ordered the fried catfish, mashed potatoes (that have been featured in Southern Living as the best mashed potatoes in the South in 2005) and fried okra. Oh my word - so good!


  1. You are such a great wife. I love that you took Todd here on a surprise date night. He's a lucky guy. And that food looks delectable!

  2. Tara,

    Great post! Another great meat and three is "The Daily Dish" http://dailydishfranklin.com located not far from Barbara's on Hillsboro Rd. Surprise Todd sometime there.

    Alan Pace