January 14, 2009

Picture Perfect Evening

Update - that photo wall I mentioned in an earlier post is complete! Thanks to a wonderful Christmas gift (a gift card to Pier 1) and some matting from Hobby Lobby, I finished my photo wall just minutes before our youth kids came over for Bible study. I have to say that I'm pretty proud of it, although the pictures don't show it off well. :)

Tonight was a great night with our youth group. I have been guilty of complaining about it taking up another night of my week, so to give them the best of us, Todd and I decided to cut out other activities including a small group with close friends to better serve our kids. It's a funny thing what happens when you listen to that small voice inside of you and surrender your life (and schedule) to our Creator. God definitely moved in our home tonight and it's amazing what He is doing in the lives of our students. They were open and honest. One of our kids flat out said he just isn't sure about this whole "Christian" thing. There were no weird looks, no awkwardness, just patience and acceptance. I know the others will see him through this. They made it clear that they will walk through the journey with him. Wow.

So thankful for those students and also thankful that clearing out the clutter is already making a difference. I'm already looking forward to spending next Wednesday night with them. Sadly, I don't say that often enough. The past few months have been so busy that I lost sight of what is important and what God is doing. I'm excited to learn what else I was missing out on when I controlled my life instead of letting God lead.

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  1. I am SO proud of you for choosing to give your all to these kids. And I get excited just thinking about how blessed those kids are going to be - you and Todd have so much to give, and I know your pouring out on them is going to be life-changing.

    For everyone involved.

    (The picture wall looks FANTASTIC! Can't wait to see it up close.)