January 8, 2009

I'm Getting Organized In 2009

Last year I bought the best day planner (I was sure it was going to be the best because it was on back order for months!). But it arrived and it was the best. I reordered another one today. It's stylish and simple and I take it everywhere.

I've caught the organization bug. I know everyone says they're going to get more organized at the beginning of the year. Funny thing is that I don't have much "stuff" to organize. We have empty rooms and closets. It's more of a mental organization. We do have a laundry room, but for some reason the dirty clothes rarely make it there. I just feel so calm when everything is in its place. When I was younger, I couldn't start my homework until my room was clean. I'm just that way. Life just feels less chaotic when things are organized. I'm better at picking up my Bible and reading it when it's on my night stand and not in the car because I forgot to bring it in after church. I'll remember to put something in the mail if it's ready to go on the counter, not stuck under dirty dishes. I'll have more time for the friends I love when I'm not saying yes to everything that comes my way.

So here's to being organized in my home and life in general. I'm cleaning out life's clutter this year. The activities that are wearing me out and the unnecessary items that I add to my to-do list. I think that's my goal for this year: get rid of the junk, be content with less and live a simpler, more organized life.

Inspired to go get the amazing day planner I mentioned?

Get your own here! Image courtesy of Paper Source.

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  1. Cheers to you and your simpler, more organized 2009!