May 6, 2009

A Break from the Rain

The rain decided to stop for a few hours yesterday. It has rained so much that I have to remind myself that we moved to Nashville and not the rainforest! We had plans to hang with friends for Cinco De Mayo, but Todd's bff couldn't make it, so we decided to enjoy the nice weather at home. ;)

We only had a couple of hours and had to make the most of it, so I went on a walk while Todd "played in the yard." As I made my way back to our house, I saw my wonderful husband hard at work.

may 6 003

I can say one thing for the rain, it has made our yard very green. I love the smell of freshly cut grass. I just wish the weather would clear up so we could enjoy it a bit more.

may 6 004

Can Todd mow a yard or what? Don't look too closely. You will see that we still have our Christmas wreath on the front door (yes, it's May - I said don't look too close!) and the rocking chairs in the garage that have been primed, but yet to be painted. We'll get there eventually.

The rain even stayed away long enough for us to grill and eat outside. It was only our second time to use our patio furniture. Fresh flowers would have been a nice touch, but I only had candles on hand.

may 6 005

We're thankful for the rain, but craving nice weather. It's not fun being trapped inside. Maybe we'll get lucky this weekend!


  1. haha - we have only used our new patio furniture twice since we got it too!!!! boo rain!

    p.s. don't feel bad about the wreath. i still had my {live} tree up in March. ha!!!!

  2. I am tired of the rain too...just have to remind myself that I might dislike 100 degree weather and humidity even more. ;) Good thing our kiddos love to jump in puddles!