May 2, 2009

A Weekend Redeemed

It's only Saturday night, but this weekend has been so much better than last weekend. I guess it doesn't take much to be better than food poisoning, but it really has been a great.

Friday night Matt and Emily Ingle joined us for dinner. It has been great to get to know them better. We had plans to bbq, but the weather wasn't cooperating. Todd and I made a last minute decision to grab grilled chicken from KFC. Everything else was homemade...we just cheated a bit. Okay, when the main course is from a fast food restaurant, we cheated big time.

I did go all out for dessert with a chocolate/strawberry trifle. I completely forgot to take a picture - probably because we scarfed it down as soon as it hit the table. The trifle is going to be a staple in the Stepp house. If I had taken a picture, it would have looked something like this:


I'm hoping Todd hasn't eaten all of it when I get home! Actually, I hope he has. If I get my hands on it, it could get ugly.

After a movie with the girls and some hang time with my favorite six year old Nelson, I'm about to call it a night. Add in a trip to Trader Joe's and the Nashville family over to catch up on our favorite shows tomorrow, we have ourselves a gold star weekend!


  1. Ok - I NEED the recipe for that truffle!! It looks de-vine!

  2. Gold star for you indeed.

    That trifle looks amazing. Maybe you can practice making it next time I'm over?

    (Practice makes perfect, you know.)

    Hooray for no more food poisoning!

  3. So thankful you're feeling better...and that I got to spend some time with you this weekend <3 Looking forward to the next time I see you!