May 18, 2009

Georgia On My Mind

This past weekend Todd and I made a trip down to Atlanta to celebrate our anniversary. Honestly I think Todd just needed an excuse to go to H&M, but it was nice to get away. We shopped a lot, ate a lot, and had a great time.

One of our favorite things to do when we travel is to check out the trendy restaurants where all the locals are going. I did a little research before we left Nashville and found a great place: Ria's Bluebird in downtown Atlanta. I knew we really couldn't go wrong when their website proudly displays their "Best Pancakes in the World" award from the New York Times and their mention in GQ. We decided to check it out for ourselves.


How fun is this place? It's in a transitional area of Atlanta - reminded me a lot of East Nashville. The morning we left for our trip, Todd met with a client who recommended that we have breakfast at the Ritz. He obviously doesn't know us very well. If we had all the money in the world, we would still visit Ria's over the Ritz any day!


Todd ordered the world renown pancakes (strawberry pancakes to be exact) and they were pretty unbelievable. I didn't get a picture, but I left determined to try to make them myself. I'm hoping Rachel Ray's recipe will do the trick.


I ordered the Bluebird Breakfast Burrito. Are you drooling yet?!

We hit our favorite spots - Ikea, H&M and the Pottery Barn Outlet. After a weekend of shopping and eating, we took the scenic route back to Tennessee. We crossed the Chattahoochee (any Alan Jackson fans will know what I'm talking about!) and the beautiful Lake Lanier with its amazing lake front homes. I may have found my dream house this weekend. I just need a couple million dollars. ;)

It's good to be back. We have family visiting this weekend so we'll be busy finishing a few things around the house as well as hosting youth group at our place this week. With so much going on, this month is flying by!


  1. Sounds like a great trip Tara! A Pottery Barn Outlet??? That sounds like a little slice of heaven!! Lol! I love your blog, it is fun to keep up with you two!

  2. Love that you'd take Ria's over the Ritz any day.

    I'm so glad you two got a chance to get away together.

    (And for the record - yes, thanks to your breakfast burrito, I am now drooling on my keyboard. It looks amazing.)

  3. Sounds like it was fun. I do the same thing; research to see if there are any cool little spots to eat before I go somewhere. I actually stopped at a diner outside of Atlanta, in Marietta, on my way back to was amazing. Someday I will have to get out to Nashville and you can show me the best places to eat ;)