May 30, 2009

I Love My Mixer!

It's a gorgeous day in Nashville and I have been stuck inside. Why? Because I had to see what my new mixer was made of. I'm in love. I want to bake every day, but because my budget won't allow (and the fact that I would like to see my weight go down rather than up), I won't bake every day.

I found an amazing cookie recipe from a great blog, Smitten Kitchen. The author tweaked the original recipe found at Bon App├ętit. Both are great sites for finding recipes.

Look at my mixer go!


There's nothing like baking while you watch the Food Network. Would you believe that I'm 26 and not 50? Ha!


The finished result will look something like this:

cookie photo

Todd must have felt left out, because he asked that I take a picture of the breakfast sandwich he made. He's quite the cook! McDonald's, watch out!


*I have to add a disclaimer to say that we don't always eat like this. I only blog about the fun things we make. We definitely had hot dogs for dinner twice this week. Unfortunately hot dogs are not all that blog worthy.

Now that I've tried out the mixer, I'm getting outdoors. Our friends are coming over later tonight to BBQ, and Todd and I are definitely hitting the pool tomorrow. It's going to be 86 and sunny! Perfect weather to lay out with a great book.

Happy weekend!


  1. feel free to bring any leftover cookies... or any other baking adventures for that matter... to work on Monday. I'll be happy to give you a reason to bake :) - ash

  2. Your pretty mixer!

    And I love that you love to cook and bake and watch the Food Network - all at the same time. Kindred spirits. (26 year old spirits - not 50.)

    For the record - the cookies looked EXACTLY like that. For the .3 seconds before we devoured them. Delicious.

    Todd - you are a culinary genius wizard, and I bow humbly to your miraculous sandwichery.