March 8, 2010

Not So Little

Wouldn't you know that the weekend I had planned to spend with my youngest sister, the weekend that I knew would be filled with lots of fun new memories, the weekend that would surely be captured with my new camera, I would forget to charge the camera battery. And forget to pack the battery charger.

So I have no photos, but the weekend was great and I'm so glad Todd and I were able to take a quick trip home (even though we were both completely exhausted today).

Since I don't have a single picture from this weekend, I dug up some fun family photos of me and my sisters. I can't believe our little Shaye will be 14. She will always be five years old to me.

Todd's grandparents are staying with us tonight. We have been so blessed to spend time with family the past few nights. We have also eaten our weight in the worst kinds of food. That's what you do on vacation, right? Looks like the gym will be our friend this week.

Happy Monday!


  1. what cute pictures of you and your sister's! Love!

  2. How sweet are you & your sisters?!

    Love those pictures. Precious.

    So glad you've gotten such fun time together with family.