February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Todd and I are enjoying the day at home. This morning we had a very "Valentine's Day" breakfast:

The card Todd got me was great. So like him! The front of the card is above, and the inside below:

As crazy busy as this week was, I still found time to get our Valentine's Day cards out to family and friends. I don't know how this tradition got started, but instead of sending Christmas cards each year, we decided to do Valentine's Day cards instead. Who doesn't love getting a Valentine?


Remember the pecan crusted tilapia I wanted to try? See here. We made it and it was awesome. Yay for Valentine's Day!


  1. That card is hilarious! Made me laugh out loud. :)
    So, I scrolled down and saw that incredible master bedroom - I'm drooling!

  2. i am majorly impressed by your cooking, tara. and love your blog!!! :-)

  3. i love the card. where does he do his shopping? :) and i love your idea for vday cards instead of Christmas cards. that's so clever. your cooking is an inspiration to me. maybe someday (soon) i will catch that gift. right now i'll blame it on my small kitchen :)- ash