February 12, 2009

Master Bedroom Madness

I have a goal this year - maybe the next two years: to do something with our bedroom. It's the room that I kinda hate in our house. In no means do I say this to brag, but our bedroom is huge. It's long and really could be two bedrooms. Right now we have a bed, two night stands and a bookcase or two. It looks really bad. We have room to do an entire sitting area (unfortunately we don't exactly have the budget for that). We have to start somewhere, so I'm tackling the small things first.

I went back and forth over paint colors and after all the swatches and searching, I decided to not paint at all. It's just easier that way! :)

I found a room on HGTV that Candice Olsen did (I love her, by the way!) and I've decided to make it my inspiration (minus the formal, floral features). Okay, I really just like the colors and the tan couch on the right. We painted our bathroom a soft gray/blue and I want to tie it into the rest of the room.

Photo courtesy of Divine Design/HGTV
Since we can check off painting since we're keeping our walls their original cream color, the next small project is the windows. I thought about finding a pattern similar to the curtains above, but decided solid is more my style. I'm thinking these great window treatments from Pottery Barn - and they're even on sale! Cheaper than Target and Bed Bath & Beyond. Can't beat that!

I love the metal curtain rings, and I found a cheaper version here.

So, here's to trying to finish our bedroom. When I say it could take a year (or more), I'm sadly not kidding. We are in a recession after all! But I'm excited to at least start. We'll see how it goes!

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  1. wow, pics like that pic of that bedroom just make me drool. between a pic and me trying to go off that, somehting gets lost in the trasnlation. :) i will say, since getting married and actually trying to decorate, i've noticed how big of a difference the small things can make. so i love the idea of the simple plain curtain w/ the bold rod AND rings. i used to overlook details like rings, but after actually buying some accent rings for our shower curtain i was like "what the heck was i thinking before?" and like you said, it's a recession, so those rings are something that's affordable! :)

    i've never personally seen your bedroom, but if it's long and has the potential to have a sitting area or something, even something as simple as tied back curtains or partial walls/dividers could help give personality to your room.

    i really don't know what i'm talking about... your post, once again, just inspired me. :) - ash